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We believe that communal well-being, sustainability and business prosperity are not mutually exclusive. Being a team player, both in and out of the office, means believing that even the smallest actions can have an impact on creating strong and positive bonds between people, environment and organisation.

Having the planet as our playground is a gift we don't take from granted. We aim to preserve and protect the ecosystems we're involved in and hope to inspire sustainable in others- one motion at a time.

Winter Triathlon

Brave the winter cold

We participate in the fundraising challenge to support CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation. We’re always up for a good challenge for a good cause!

Go Green

All employees are encouraged to commute by public transport because it is partly subsidized. This way, they also contribute to the well-being of the community.

Public Transport

CIBC Run for the Cure

Support Breast Cancer

Many of our employees participate in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s annual fundraising event. Join the race with us!

Protect our resources

We have the three accreditations PEFC, FSC and SFI which promote responsible forest management, in the respect of industry’s environmental norms.

Sustainable Forest

Athletes sponsoring

Contribute to the success

Scott Cooper, professional long-distance triathlete, PhD student at McGill University.
Marie Corriveau, future Olympic athlete at the Beijing 2022 winter games in cross-country skiing.
We also support young athletes from the Mont-Garceau ski team.

Quality first

All the grain we distribute is certified organic and meets Canadian, US and European-specific standards for the preparation and distribution of organic foods.

Organic and Local Grain

Père Sablon Foundation

Introduce sport and its values

McGill St Laurent is an active contributor to the Père Sablon Foundation. We believe in this foundation because it allows children to meet their full potential through outdoor sports. We also encourage our employees to volunteer with the foundation by going to schools to play sports with children in need.

Think about the future

We are accredited from the FERC and ONE to transmit energy through the US and Canada. Thus, we strive to adopt renewable sources like hydro, wind and solar energy.

Renewable Energy