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Who we are

It all began in 2008 when, based on his experience in the financial and lumber markets, Philippe Boisclair founded Canadian Wood Products. During the American recession and with the arrival of Chris Labbé as a partner, the company expanded its customer base and started exporting abroad. In 2010, the organization made a strategic move and decided to diversify its activities by launching into the grain business. Thus, Grain St Laurent was founded with Steve as the head of the division. Finally, in line with this strategy to diversify activities, the group embarked in the power industry in 2012. Recently, Alain Brisebois became the Vice-President of CWP Energy and he is managing the success of the entire team. Today, McGill St Laurent is a global entity that operates worldwide and is committed to building, feeding and powering the planet.

At McGill St Laurent, we see our business as relationships, not transactions. For this reason, we foster our employees' personal and professional development.

As you can see, McGill St Laurent is a forward-thinking company, always on the lookout for new opportunities!

Our Key People

Philippe Boisclair

President, McGill St Laurent

Serial entrepreneur, Philippe is the driving force behind the culture of the business and keeps the organization in perpetual motion.

Chris Labbé

VP, Canadian Wood Products

As a partner at McGill St-Laurent, Chris is head of the North American & Export sales team. He helps drive the strategic expansion of CWP and its affiliated companies.

Steve Lagacé

Senior Trader, Grain St-Laurent

Steve creates opportunity, finds solutions and makes decisions based on forecasted economic trends in the commodity markets.

Alain Brisebois

VP, CWP Energy

Alain is responsible for meeting the strategic goals of the Energy division. His role is also to manage the growth and development of the team.

Our Values


We are disciplined at all times, we work hard and our customers rely on us for advice.


We don’t give up, we keep things simple, we act quickly and we are easy to do business with.


We do whatever it takes to make our customers, suppliers and employees succeed.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a world-class trading and logistics company, based in Montreal and recognized by its peers and employees as an industry leader. Human capital is our most valuable asset and a differentiating factor for our company. It’s our people who work daily to help build, feed and power the planet.

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