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CWP Energy is active in all North American (including Mexican) physical & financial electricity markets since 2012. Backed by a team of renewable energy specialists, our business is underpinned by robust risk management, market experience and analytical capability.

Our platform of services provides a gateway to merchant markets. Positioned as an extension of a client’s operations, we offer the entrepreneurial approach and end-to-end solutions to create a lasting competitive advantage


Our services


Advisory Services

We provide advisory services to help you understand the merchant landscape, navigate regulation, forecast merchant scenarios and put an effective plan in motion.


PPAs and Supplying Renewable Energy

We can structure Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or act as a broker and find the right counterparty to buy your energy. Conversely, through long-term contracts, we can supply your firm with traceable green energy.


Energy Market Access, Scheduling and Dispatching

Our 24/7 power trading desk employs in-depth experience and market connectivity to effectively sell and bring your energy to market daily, regardless of your location.


Risk Management

A robust Risk Policy serves as the backbone of your energy marketing strategies. Starting with assessing your objectives & obligations, we work with you to develop a holistic Risk Policy for each asset, underpinned by a set of key Risk Metrics.


Asset Optimization

Unlocking the full value of your energy asset requires a team of energy specialists. We build nimble strategies to maximize returns using a healthy mix of revenue sources.


Energy Storage Optimization

Leveraging analytics, we take an integrated approach to ensuring efficient, flexible and durable energy storage management as part of your overall asset optimization.


Regulatory Compliance

Effectively engaging with merchant markets involves navigating a complex regulatory landscape. We uphold thorough processes, proactive training and a rigorous compliance program to offer complete market access.



We specialize in distilling data into actionable insight. We apply proprietary models and Al, including Machine Learning, to inform risk management, provide superior market intelligence and uncover arbitrage opportunities.



We provide best-in-class reporting that is insightful, accessible and tailored to your needs. To support you at all times, we also have the ability to rapidly generate ad hoc dashboard and reports.



Our platform is underpinned by industry-leading operational, IT and security infrastructures to seamlessly trade across energy markets.

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