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CWP Energy is active in the North American physical and financial power markets. Driven by innovation and always looking for new challenges, we explore other energy commodity trading opportunities, we analyze potential markets and develop innovating quantitative trading approaches. Supported by an unparalleled team of analysts and developers, we control risk taking while optimizing results.


Our services


Energy Marketing Services

CWP Energy’s team of leading experts brings a wide range of market experience facilitating transactions in all North American deregulated power markets and bilateral space.


Scheduling and dispatching services

Our 24/7 power trading desk will use their substantial market experience and our participation in all North American markets to ensure we sell and bring your energy to market daily, regardless of your North American location


Asset optimization

CWP Energy helps organizations maximize revenues from their assets by establishing the best marketing strategies for their customers using a healthy mix of revenue sources.



CWP Energy can help satisfy your energy needs while your organization joins a select group of socially responsible corporate persons committed to acquiring green energy by entering into a long-term contract where we supply your firm with traceable green energy.


Energy Producers and Project developers

We will act as the sales and revenues maximization agent of your renewable energy project development team. We will add value to your project by providing market intelligence, financing techniques, builder introductions and energy marketing.


Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Whether you are looking to finance the purchase of a generating asset or you are simply looking at finding an off-taker to buy all your electricity production, CWP Energy can facilitate this through long-term or short-term power purchase agreements or by finding the right counterpart to buy your energy and act as a broker for the deal.

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