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Grain St Laurent is a Canadian-based company specialized in grain trading. Through our historical relationships with our partners in Canada and the United States, we can provide excellent services at a competitive price for all our clients whoever they are. In this way, Grain St Laurent is committed to connect producers, processors and customers in order to respond to their needs. We are dedicated to improving the agribusiness of most grain species throughout North America. From the farmer to the end user we control every step to ensure quality in our work. Thanks to our global network of office, no matter where you are in the world, you can count on us.


Our products and services



We buy and trade all conventional grains for end users throughout North America and across the globe.



The procurement and handling of feed ingredients for animal consumption is one of our core competencies.



We offer a wide range of organic products sourced from certified growers specializing in their production.


Specialty Crop

We strive to provide specialty crops and oilseeds of the highest quality and standards to domestic as well as export markets.



Tough markets inspire entrepreneurial drive. By taking charge of the customs files, our logistics and sales teams deliver throughout North America and are looking forward to helping your business span overseas.


North American distribution centers

Our distribution centers are strategically located allowing us to provide your products regardless of where you are located or what you are looking for.


Flexible Payment Possibilities

We make customized sales contracts for each customer depending on their needs and their budget. We are also committed to providing quick and flexible payment to our suppliers.


On-time delivery

Thanks to our dedicated logistics team and our distribution centers, we are committed to provide on-time delivery.

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